NHS: Job opportunities and support for GP returners throughout England

Your life may have changed; NHS general practice is changing too. Perhaps you took time out of general practice to raise a family, work abroad or in a different profession. Whatever your reason for taking a break, you’ll be coming back to one of the most rewarding, challenging, flexible and diverse careers in medicine. Investment in primary care has been increasing and the new GP contract from 2019/20, has provided more certainty around funding, while looking to reduce pressure on general practice. Many areas are starting to work in primary care networks with growing multi-disciplinary teams and additional funding is being invested in another 20,000 primary care professionals such as clinical pharmacists and physician associates. These developments allow GPs to focus on the most complex patients and will in time mean they can provide longer appointments where needed. A new clinical negligence scheme started on 1 April 2019 for all general practice staff to ensure they can carry out their work without being financially penalised. Meanwhile, additional funding for IT will allow both patients and GPs to benefit from the latest digital technologies, cutting down on unnecessary paperwork. There are also more options available for those wanting a flexible working pattern or a portfolio career, such as the GP retention scheme. The offer from the NHS to GP’s returning to general practice The NHS is offering a direct route for you to return to NHS general practice through the GP Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme. The I&R Scheme provides a safe and supported route for qualified GPs. It’s tailored to meet your needs, experiences and personal commitments to make things simpler. This includes financial and practical support, and access to a dedicated account manager to guide you through the process. If you are working or living overseas, you can even start the scheme before you move back to England. Come and join the 785 GPs who have already applied to join this flexible scheme to return to NHS general practice in England. Learn more The brochure can be downloaded from https://gpreturner.nhs.uk/return-to-practice-brochure-2019.pdf .